The Space

Self-initiative project


The Space is a Dublin–based one–day festival that draws out new connections between art, culture and technology. The activities of The Space aim at fostering a critical understanding of contemporary culture and communities saturated by media technologies. The brief raises question about our perception of the spaces we inhabit and how digital media helps us to improve them.

This project is aimed to create space that educates, informs and promotes public art, people’s perception of the city environment. The goal is to invite the inhabitants of the city to take an active participation in re–thinking, re–creating the environment around them.


For this purpose I have created an application for smartphones as nowadays more and more people are using them. It will facilitate people to participate actively in this project. This app is built on the idea of Augmented reality. User will have access to a database and ability to share his content, such as videos, images, sounds, and comments. Anyone interested is invited to view other people’s posts, make a comment and share.

Two stripes used in the logo design are derived from a punctuation mark ‘slash’ on keyboard. Positioning the letter ‘S’ between two ‘slashes’ creates an extra space that symbolise openness and experimentations. In English language ‘slash’ also can be replaced with ‘or’ that means alternative option.

The intention of a multilayer composition of the poster is to reflect the idea of the festival. Residents of the city of Dublin are invited to participate in the interactive project by using specially developed application for smartphones. In the design of the poster I used images of the streets of Dublin and its passers. Combining these images expresses the idea of interaction between people and the city.