The Next

DIT Graduate Exhibition 2014




The brief for this project was to devise a concept to promote the DIT Graduate Exhibition that can be applied across print and digital media. The concept must be flexible in order to cater for over 120 students from the School of Art, Design and Printing. This project was completed by a small team Patrick McDonald, Derek Doyle & me.



Our concept around what our student cohort had in common; aspirations. This lead to the development of our copywriting theme ‘The Next’. This was then combined with various interchangeable aspirations. Students may have big aspirations to be someone who inspires, whereas others just want to fit into a team. No matter what your aspirations the brand can reflect them.


Initial stage of developing a visual concept and one of examples, how we used a modular grid.

Taking from the theme ‘The Next’, we developed a visual palette through the use of a modular grid. This modular grid allowed for us to crop our work in dynamic ways that gave a sense of moving forward. This palette was then worked across IPA billboards, wayfinding, screenprinted invitations, a sculpture we designed and our digital presence. A consistent use of typography coupled with the shapes we designed for the brand made our identity cohesive across different forms of communication.