Personalised DC Ads: Process

UX | UI Design

Dynamic ads enable you to engage visitors with personalised ads across devices, on both web and social. Based on site visitors’ demonstrated intent on your site, dynamic ads feature previously viewed, recommended, or top products. The product images and info used in these ads are pulled directly from the clients product feeds. There are some examples of dynamic ads below I was working on.

Please note that these ads are live and interactive.

UX/UI design is crucial in Dynamic ads as it helps to make the better user experience, to increase conversion rate and also to optimise a dynamic retargeting campaign. Ad creation process included new strategies testing such as A/B testing of different buying incentives like discounts versus free shipping offers, or video content versus product images carousel. All collected data and user interactions helped to optimise the visual design to achieve the desired results.



Design is simply faster when using pre-designed reusable components, rather than having to draw them from scratch each time. It can save as much as 30% of designers’ production time. It promotes consistency, clarity, and quality in the design process. It can also deliver significant competitive advantages for businesses.

The UI kit includes all reusable UI components such as product image, product cards, cta buttons, any inputs, icons etc. Working on any UI component you should consider that it meets the following criteria: it should be reusable that speeds up the production time and thereby increase the efficiency of the overall design process; build a consistent experience across all products; flexible and easy to scale.